Computer Science (Visual)

I delve more deeply into the terminal system in all computers- instead of using some type of IDE like eclipse or XCode, I did all of my coding directly into the terminal using emacs. I thought this was interesting because I could now finally understand what the terminal on my computer was for and how to use it.

Featured Projects


The first program I am going to showcase

is called the GalleryApp. The program pulls images from the iTunes API and then displays them on a screen. Every 2 seconds, one of the images refreshes with another random image that is related to the category. The difference between this project and all the other projects I have made in the past is that it uses JavaFx. This means that there is actually going to be a window that pops up when the user runs the code instead of all the output coming out in the terminal. This was extremely cool to learn because it was the first time that there was really any graphical and visual component to any of the projects I had made. Before, it was all text based and more bland. The app also features a pause button which can pause the random image rotation, a loading bar at the bottom which shows visually the loading of the new images from the query.

Snake Game

The other project that I am going to show is a fun implementation of a classic arcade game using Javafx. There were tons of games to choose from, but I ended up choosing to do the snake game.  The app consists of a beginning snake of 3 lengths with a piece of food placed somewhere randomly on the screen. The user then navigates the snake to the piece of food without hitting itself or the edges of the screen. If an edge is hit, then the game terminates and displays a large “game over” sign in the center of the screen. If the user manages to successfully get the food, then the snake gets 1 block longer and also a little bit faster.


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