Web Development

A class I was lucky enough to take in college was the Advanced Web Development class. During this class, I was able to create my own domain name and host it one my own server. We used cyber duck to push our websites on to the web and used VSCode to create the code for each of the assignments. I have gained a thorough understanding of how to build responsive and accessible websites using semantic HTML and CSS styling techniques. In addition, I learned how to effectively use CSS to create complex beautiful layouts, how to optimize website performance, and how to debug code effectively. Finally, I have gained knowledge on best practices for web development, such as using version control systems like Git and working collaboratively in teams.

Featured Projects

Song Trivia

The project I would like to showcase is a Song Trivia game I created in HTML. I was able to incorporate my passion for music into the products and assignments I was doing for the class which made everything that much more fun! This specific project is a series of questions that get progressively more difficult asking the user to guess what decade a certain song was released. The game plays a new song each time you answer a question and keeps track of how many points you have acquired. When a user gets a question wrong, the game then stops and shows the user how many points they were able to get.


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