Life League - The Game

My team and I were lucky enough to have collaborated with Life League, a youth sports agency founded by Jeff Tarver, who, like many of us, had dreams of becoming an athlete. Recognizing the transformative potential of mentorship, Jeff established Life League to guide and empower middle school and high school athletes through mentoring and essential resources. Our project introduces a groundbreaking element to Life League – ‘Life League, The Game.’ Unlike traditional games that focus solely on the gameplay, our game is an experience designed to foster both athletic and personal development. Before diving into the gameplay, players have access to many resources, including career statistics, scouting reports, personal messages offering advice and encouragement, and lessons to enhance their understanding of the game. As players progress, they earn points to boost their skills in offense, defense, leadership, and professionalism, influencing outcomes as they navigate the challenges within the game. Every decision, whether to pass the ball or go for the game-winning shot, mirrors the real-life choices young athletes face in their journey. Life League is not just a game; it’s a platform for users to learn valuable life lessons, and gain the experience they need to succeed.


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