Featured Projects

Grade Calculator

The program calculates if a certain grade that the user wants is possible based on the grades they already have in a class. As shown below, the program shows the user the grade scale and then prompts the user for each category weight of the different assignments in the class. Then, it prompts the user for the grade average they have received in each of the sections. If a user does not know what their average is in some category, they can say they do not know what score they have and the project will move on. At the end, using the information given as well as the information not there, the program will determine if it is possible for the student to reach his goal in the class.

Draw Shapes

Another program that I am going to feature for this class is a program that prints various shapes using asterisks. The goal of this program was for me to learn the basic implementations of for loops in programming and the different ways that the loops can be used to perform certain actions and print print various things which would otherwise be very repetitive to code.


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