Cox Communications

Financial Data Analyst

- Designed and executed an end-to-end ETL pipeline involving automation workflows in Oracle Cloud using Python and SQL scripting to extract data from SFTP server files for a streamlined transition into database environments

- Conducted in depth data cleaning with NumPy and Pandas, followed by primary key joins in SQL to integrate external datasets with internal databases to address data discrepancies and fallout to mitigate company losses

- Assessed, cleaned, and transposed 8 financial reports into pivot tables using slicers and tab views to optimize UI/UX for key stakeholders from director-level to representatives


Process Improvement Intern

- Spearheaded process improvements by developing an innovative Excel Macro in VBA, streamlining and automating operations to generate annual savings of over $1M per site and approximately $93M nationwide

- Utilized agile methodologies to gather user feedback and iteratively refine product features, ensuring alignment with consumer needs and fostering transparency among 100+ associates to improve overall efficiency

- Collaborated with cross-functional teams to optimize product workflows and enhance associate productivity

Cryptocurrency Price Prediction


- Implemented linear regression models for Bitcoin price prediction, utilizing historical data split into an 80/20 ratio for training

- Analyzed data relationships through heat maps and correlation matrices to identify key factors influencing price movements

- Familiarity with advanced algorithms including random forest and KNN for predictive modeling


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